Our Services

With many passionate, Annam Capital is offering our services as a Restaurant and café consulting Service. Through diversity and expertise, we provide our clients with a clear perspective of their operations, enabling them to avoid the stumbling blocks that prevent success.
We aims to help small food businesses turn greater profits, by applying proven training, planning and marketing methods.

Improvement Services

We works together with café and restaurant owners to help them transform their under-performing food businesses into culinary hot spots. Many Australians are passionate about food, but to transform your passion into a profit, you’ll need the help of an expert consultant.

We offers a one-on-one business assessment as well as professional recommendations, training and development programs to turn your business around—fast.

Barista Training

Australian been so obsessed with coffee. It’s great news if you know what you’re doing, but if your coffee is letting you down, it will turn customers away.

We can help. Our professional barista training will ensure you’re delivering the perfect cup, every time. By increasing your staff knowledge, you will also be increasing the breadth of coffee options available to your customers, and with café art your customers will enjoy that playful and personal touch.

Staff Training

Having the right suppliers is critical to your quality and your bottom line. Sam’s industry network can help you to establish the right suppliers for your business, as well as the right price. Knowing where your ingredients come from and under what conditions they have been farmed or produced, is also essential in today’s consumer savvy and ethically charged environment.


How are you promoting your business? Are you making the most of online reviews, street frontage, and in-store? Are you a known brand who gets local media coverage? Ensuring your business maintains new customers is key to long-term success. We can help with marketing and promoting your business in cost-efficient and effective ways.

Our Services List

  • Menu Development
  • Quality Direct Supplier Network
  • Sitting Layout Design & Customer Flow
  • Barista and Staff Training
  • Catering
  • Marketing & Reviews